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Ways to Give
Note: All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Your donations are instrumental in supporting quality and compassionate care at Hotel Dieu Perth, both now and in the future.

1. E-transfer - hdsjhospfoundation@gmail.com

2. Cheque  or Cash -  Can be dropped off at  the HDSJ Administration Office (contact is Brian), or mailed to 10 Woodland Hill, Perth-Andover, NB E7H 5H5. Cheques can be made payable to Perth-Andover Hotel Dieu Foundation.

3. In memoriam donation - Gift in memory of a loved one. A donation to the Perth-Andover Hotel Dieu Foundation in memory of a loved one or friend is a meaningful way for you to express your sympathy. The Foundation will send a card to the bereaved family acknowledging your thoughtful gesture and you will receive a tax receipt and thank you from the Foundation. The amount of your donation is kept strictly confidential. Memorial cards are available at local funeral homes and at the hospital.

4. Estate Planning - leaving a legacy gift in your will -

By leaving a gift in your will (bequest to Perth-Andover Hotel Dieu Foundation) you will continue to care for health in your community and health for your loved ones. Besides the opportunity to assist your local hospital, there are other benefits to leaving a gift this way.        

          * Your gift is considered a charitable donation. Your estate will receive a tax credit that your executor may use to offset any taxes owing on your income tax return.

4. Gift of life insurance - a life insurance policy with the Pert-Andover Hotel Dieu Foundation as beneficiary is a creative way to ensure long term financial strength and may be an option to consider.

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